Accounting and Taxation Preparation

Accounting and Tax Compliance Services


Accurate and Reliable Accounting and Taxation Service in Victoria

We understand how important financial statements are. They are diagnostic tools that provide companies with an insight into the health of their operations. Without such, business owners will have difficulty identifying which areas of the enterprise they need to strengthen.

This is where BuildGrowth Accountants’ expertise comes into play. Apart from ensuring that your company is treading the right direction with audits and financial statement filings, we can also help identify opportunities and improve certain aspects where needed. Our service goes far and beyond compliance routines and accounting and taxation preparation. We like going into all the necessary details to make sure that your company’s reputation remains solid and untainted.  We get you engaged in initiatives that that allow you to move forward to the next level with ease. When you are comfortable and sure of where your business is headed, you will be able to unlock your company’s full potential.

Our accounting and taxation services include:

  • Analysis and maintenance of books and records
  • Conducting comprehensive audits
  • Compilation and review of financial documents
  • Interpretation of financial information
  • Internal evaluation and control to prevent errors, theft and fraud
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Compliance planning
  • Local and international accounting and taxation preparation services

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