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Most people have spent a lifetime of effort and energy to build a fortune for themselves and their family. While all that lifetime preparation might be great, a big portion of it might go to waste if you don’t have a real estate plan in place.

Yes, you read it right. Without having a definite plan on how to distribute your wealth accordingly, the government could dip its sticky paws into your assets in case you suffer an untimely death. They could impose an estate tax burden so hefty that your beneficiaries might just opt to forego them. Unfortunately, this is the sad reality that generally unfolds when real estate plans have not been laid on the table.

And did you know that this is just one of the many difficulties you could face? The truth is, asset distribution, in case for your demise, is just a small part of a comprehensive estate plan. There’s still the aspect of retirement, wealth accumulation as well as the conservation and enjoyment of assets you’ve acquired in your lifetime that you need to consider. If you have an existing business, you also need to think about how to successfully turn over assets and its management to the rightful successors. In case this has not yet crossed your mind, you might need to think about it and act on it sooner rather than later. Otherwise, you might be setting your heirs to fail. Handing your successors pressure and financial burden served on a silver platter would not be an ideal way to leave a lasting legacy.

To sort out these details according to your vision, you need an accounting firm that knows the intricacies of handling trust concerns. BuildGrowth Accountants’ seasoned planning specialists can assist you in crafting a comprehensive estate plan that’s tailored to your needs and wants. We will provide you with an assortment of planning vehicles to adequately address your estate concerns.

The BuildGrowth vehicles/channels we use include:

  • Charitable remainder trusts
  • Personal residence trusts
  • Family partnerships
  • Grantor annuity trusts
  • Credit shelter trusts
  • Marital deduction trusts
  • Revocable lifetime trusts

Among the many benefits of you working with us is that your concerns will be treated with utmost priority and importance. We will introduce proven ways to help you reduce tax liabilities, diversify assets to enable a smoother transition process for your successors and heirs. We will provide hands-on assistance and a personalized approach that our accounting firm is known for.

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