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The Property Accountant That Boosts Your Real Estate Equity Value

A popular and lucrative form of long-term investment is real estate rentals. Whether you are a property investor or a business that owns just one or hundreds of real estate for rent, you must always keep track of your cash that’s coming in as well as expenses spent for each one. Since rentals are categorized into several different varieties, they have also varying tax ramifications.

Victoria-based property accountant BuildGrowth can help you keep detailed accounting records so you won’t have to deal with problems on your annual income tax return for your properties. We will make sure that you will have all the necessary supporting documents to back up your figures, should the government decide to audit your return.

What separates us from other property accountants is that apart from managing your rental accounting concerns, we also employ cost segregation techniques to help you gain substantial tax savings. Since we have an expertise in this area, you can rest assured that you’ll be acquainted with strategies that ultimately maximizes your  tax efficiencies. We can help accelerate current as well as future depreciation deductions that result in increased cash flow and reduced income taxes for your business. Employing these strategies can significantly boost your bottom line.

Property accountant BuildGrowth provides:

  • Consultation and advice on properties that you want to purchase as rental investments
  • Accounting services detailing profits and losses
  • Tax returns and filing

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