Five Mistakes in CV that would Doom Your Chances of getting a Lucrative Job

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We all are aware of the importance of CV, especially the candidates who have just stepped into the job industry. But despite knowing the importance of it, still many candidates tend to make mistakes while creating their CVs. This proves to be negative for their future as no manager, employer, or HR executive has time to see the positive side of the candidates who have failed to create a good CV.


Employers handling accounting services for small business or other businesses look for candidates who can prove to be an asset for their company. So, if you are also thinking to create your CV, you need to ignore the following mistakes –

Fancy Fonts

CV is not a place to show creativity thus it needs to be made professional. Thus, avoid fancy fonts, unusual colors, clip art and other things that make the CV look unprofessional.

Misspelled Words and Grammatical Errors

Mistakes in the CV are a big no, whether it is a spelling mistake or a grammatical error. While creating a resume it is important to make sure that it has no mistakes in it, which would put your bad impression on the employer or HR executive. Hence, before sending your resume always make sure that it is perfect.

Incorrect Information about Accomplishments

No HR or employer is interested in knowing candidates daily duties. All they are looking forward to is their accomplishments in the past and skills that will prove to be an asset for their company. So, a resume should comprise of things that you have been achieved in your career and no talks that are around the bush.

Forgetting to Introduce Targeted Keywords

A CV, when submitted in a job portal is first reviewed by search engine robots and automated systems and not by a person. Thus, to allow search engines shortlist your resume, you need to impress them. This is possible by including the right keywords in the document. In case, you are running short of ideas, you can take your help from the job description posted on the web or other job posting portals.

Your Life’s Story

A CV should be precise and good because no one is interested in reading a life story of a person. Thus, it is always important to create a CV, which is easy to read, short and impressive.

So, these are the aforementioned points that you need to keep in mind while creating your CV. Knowing things in advance will help you create a good resume that will attract employers attention and bring lucrative job options for you.

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