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Company Accounting Services with BuildGrowth

Accounting Services: BuildGrowth offers a broad range of company accounting services that are designed to help companies improve their financial performance while complying with industry standards and regulations. We offer reliable, responsive and personalised service to keep your business on the right track.

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    Accounting & Taxation Preparation

    We understand how important financial statements are. They are diagnostic tools that provide companies with an insight into the health of their operations. Without such, business owners will have difficulty identifying which areas of the enterprise they need to strengthen. They’re a vital part of company accounting.
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  • Tax Planning

    Since tax is a significant cost component in investments and operations, tax planning should be a high priority with company accounting and business. Having a thorough tax planning activity not only maximizes the potential of a company to exceed profit expectations but it also helps minimize potential tax liability issues that could derail initiatives.
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  • Commercial Property Accounting and Planning

    A popular and lucrative form of long-term investment is real estate rentals. Whether you are a property investor or a business that owns just one or hundreds of real estate for rent, you must always keep track of your cash that’s coming in as well as expenses spent for each one. Since rentals are categorized into several different varieties, they have also varying tax ramifications.
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  • Estate, Company and Trust Planning

    Most people have spent a lifetime of effort and energy to build a fortune for themselves and their family. While all that lifetime preparation might be great, a big portion of it might go to waste if you don’t have a real estate plan in place.
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