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  • Bookkeeping Versus Accounting

    Bookkeeping Versus Accounting As a small to medium business owner, you will know the management of your finances is important for success. You’ll also be aware, that in order to manage those finances, it’s important to have accurate bookkeeping and prudent accounting. But are they tasks performed by the same person or are they different? […]

  • Moving to Xero Cloud Accounting

      Whether you’re an established company, or a start-up trying to break into the market, the management and visibility of your finances is vital to the success of your business. Here at Build Growth Accounting, we think Xero is the best platform for managing your finances. And if you’ve landed on this post, chances are […]

  • Do I Need an Accountant with Cloud Bookkeeping?

    Unfortunately, some small businesses have this misconception that just because there is free cloud bookkeeping software out there, that they can get away with not hiring an accountant or bookkeeper. You need someone who can give you strategic accounting advice at every stage of your business venture. From startup activities to succession planning, they should […]

  • What Is The Xero Accounting System?

    Xero is a cloud based accounting system for small and medium sized business that solves many of the age-old problems businesses face in keeping their accounting practices simple and organised. In this blog we’ll explain what cloud based accounting software does and its revolutionary advantage over traditional accounting systems. What Does The Xero Accounting System […]