Mission Statement

Lyndhurst Chartered Accountants You Can Trust

Our Mission

BuildGrowth Accountants’ mission is to develop remarkable relationships with customers and its partners through excellent accounting services. We want to create an imprint on each of our clients, by providing the best experience possible. Delightful, extraordinary, and rewarding– this is the memory we want our clients to remember us by — today, tomorrow and always.

Our goal is simple, our mission is clear and our focus remains centered on delivering services that our clients deserve. We want to our client relationships to blossom and flourish, and we can only achieve that if we continue to seek for improvements and put serious efforts on reinventing ourselves.

We are a group of chartered accountants committed to our client’s success. By providing clients with expert accounting assistance and the most viable strategies, we allow them to make smarter business decisions at every turn.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help our clients achieve their optimum potential. Our philosophy has always been to serve, share knowledge and provide expertise to small companies in all stages of their business lifecycle. BuildGrowth aims to grow in strength and numbers so that it can continue to propel companies to achieve long-term goals.

Our Core Values

An environment with a good set of values is key to good accounting governance. It molds us to act ethically and prompts us to handle situations in accordance to what the company thinks is a just, ideal and logical behavior. The values reflect BuildGrowth’s aspirations and priorities, manifested in the way our chartered accountants act as a whole. These affect our everyday decisions and practices, inspiring us to create a positive working environment focused towards achieving business success.

  • Integrity is the foundation of BuildGrowth’s practice. It reflects everything the firm stands for and everything it believes in which includes a high regard for values, professionalism, business ethics and character. We perform daily tasks in accordance to laws, rules, and regulations upheld by the     government and the industry. On top of this, we always demonstrate fairness, honesty, and the highest standards of conduct in every situation, even when no one is watching. We seek and speak the truth no matter what the cost. This shows the amount of respect we have for our customers, our founders, our colleagues, and more importantly, ourselves.
  • Honesty is a core value that BuildGrowth does not take lightly. Transparency is essential to having a meaningful and open communication dialogue with customers, partners and stakeholders.
  • Fairness is the way we treat our people and our partners. It requires effort in taking the time to understand each person’s specific situation and needs, and giving everyone an equal chance to prosper and develop.
  • Customer-centric is the holding customers at the core of our business. From the very beginning, our company has focused on providing products and services attuned to their needs and wants. We           have constantly revamped and improved the way we do things, to set us apart from competition and provide customers with the best value for their money. We study, anticipate market changes, promote innovation, and capitalize on new opportunities to geared towards our client’s best interest.
  • Passion is believing in doing things the best way we know how – with sincere  enthusiasm and selfless dedication. We show pride in our work and would never compromise the foundation we have built over the years with a “so-so” deployment practice. We always employ the highest quality                    and standards of service, ensuring that client’s expectations are met, if not exceeded.
  • Accountability is owning our actions and claiming responsibility for the outcome whether good or bad. Our employees are trained to handle the toughest challenges both on field and within the office environment. Self accountability is the foundation of an ethical and responsible way of handling clients. We are honest, fully responsible and answerable for our actions, regardless of the outcome. We look beyond the current situation and consider all consequences that may arise from our decisions. As a testament to our commitment, we provide clients with the unlimited after- sales support options they can’t get anywhere else.
  • Excellence is performing to the best of our ability, based on the highest of standards. We continue to learn, develop, and strive for success by undertaking all necessary measures to improve our craft and skills. We never rest on past achievements and we always respond to customers with creative and innovative ideas and practical solutions that produces favorable results.

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