Outsourced Financial Management

Could your business benefit from a expert financial advisor who understands your business? That’s exactly what you’ll get with BuildGrowth Accountants. Our team are on hand to answer tricky financial questions and to give advice on the health and performance of your business.

Most businesses simply can’t afford the costs associated with hiring a CFO in-house. Our Virtual CFO services give you access to an expert CFO for a fraction of the cost of an employee. BuildGrowth Accountants are based in Melbourne, but we use cloud accounting and modern technology so we can service clients right around Australia.

How we help

Make smart decisions

Our Outsourced CFO service gives you access to the expertise of an experienced financial expert, without the hefty price tag. Over the years, we’ve gained a lot of experience which gives us the understanding to help your business grow. We’ll monitor the growth and performance of your business and offer detailed financial advice as you need it. Our team can help you through any business challenge, no matter how big or small.

A dedicated advisor

Our Outsourced CFOs will we dive right into your business alongside you. We’ll help you improve your business and make smart decisions, without the cost and commitment of a full-time team member. We understand business owners need an understanding, knowledgeable and passionate advisor who actually makes a difference to their business. As your CFO, we’ll handle the financial side of your business. We’ll help you through the challenges and opportunities in your business, acting as your sounding board.

Know the numbers that matter

It’s important to measure and understand the financial figures that drive your business. Our team will help you figure out what those numbers are and how you’re performing.

For Recruitment and Staffing companies, We’ll track:

  • Temp margin analysis
  • Consultant profit analysis
  • CEP and profit/bonus calculation

You can be sure that your finances are in safe hands with Maurice and the team at BuildGrowth Accountants.

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