Build Your Business With An Outsourced CFO

The financial operations of your business are a priority

Outsourcing a range of important financial services is becoming the smart and desirable choice for many businesses who are keen to grow. With the convenience of online communication an outsourced CFO does not have to be onsite and can work from anywhere. Outsourcing these important financial skills saves you the cost of hiring a highly experienced professional in-house. 

What Is An Outsourced CFO?

The CFO (Chief Financial Officer) in a business is responsible for managing cashflow, analysing financial data, assessing risk, and providing the strategic direction to grow the business. Unfortunately, many businesses cannot afford to employ a CFO, and are left lacking this important skill-set. 

A professional outsourced CFO is the key to getting the professional and strategic financial advice you need to grow your business at a time when you may not want the costs associated with employing full time staff. Using the services of a virtual CFO is a smart, strategic decision, allowing a business to keep working and investing in the core of the business. 

An Outsourced CFO has all the professional business and financial experience of a permanently employed CFO, without the staff costs. You can use the services of your virtual CFO as you need them, particularly in periods of change and growth when a close examination of figures and strategic planning is necessary. 

How Can An Outsourced CFO Improve My Business?

The benefit of having the skills of a professional CFO are huge. A CFO can benefit your business by:

  • Increasing profit
  • Improving your cashflow
  • Accelerating business growth
  • Implementing improved efficiencies and systems.

What Happens When You Partner With Build Growth?

Build Growth has experience partnering with a diverse range of Melbourne businesses to provide all the services of a CFO at a fraction of the cost of employing permanent staff. 

We love working with businesses who are growing or are looking for ways to grow. We have significant experience providing CFO services for the property, construction and recruitment industries. 

Our Approach

Working with us is no different to having a permanent staff member located in your office. We are highly consultative. We discuss your goals, undertake audits, provide recommendations and implement and track financials so that you can reach your goals sooner. We also pride ourselves on our responsiveness and are always available to answer your questions. 

Some of the CFO services we provide include:

  • Corporate & Strategic Planning Services
  • Budgeting
  • Expense & Cashflow Management
  • Performance Analysis & KPI


Want To Know More about An Outsourced CFO?

Find out more about the details of using the services of a professional outsourced CFO to grow your business.

Other Services

BuildGrowth are certified Xero accountants and provide a range of services in Melbourne to improve the financial position and strategic direction of your business. 

Cloud Bookkeeping

We provide cloud bookkeeping services for Melbourne business. Keep on top of your financial position and have all your data at your fingertips whenever you need it with Xero Cloud bookkeeping. Get your bookkeeping done by certified accountants who understand business.

Accounting Services

We provide a full suite of accounting services for growing Melbourne businesses. From tax planning and preparation, annual company tax returns, complex tax structures including trusts and partnerships, benchmarking and more.