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Bookkeeping Versus Accounting

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Bookkeeping Versus Accounting As a small to medium business owner, you will know the management of your finances is important for success. You’ll also be aware, that in order to manage those finances, it’s important to have accurate bookkeeping and prudent accounting. But are they tasks performed by the same person or are they different? […]

Securing Business Loans: Ways Your Accountant Can Help

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Your Accountant Can Provide Advisory Services That Help Secure Your Business’ Future Companies, regardless of size, almost always face challenges in funding and cash flow. For startups and brand new small business entrepreneurs, the financial hurdle is even greater since getting loans from banks is becoming near impossible. In Australia, the situation is all too familiar. Despite the […]

3 Things to Look for in a Bookkeeper

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Hiring a bookkeeper? Here’s what you need to look for in one If you’re a small business owner trying to break into the big scene, it’s likely that your main focus is getting your brand out there for the world to embrace. So while you’re at it, who’s recording all your business’ financial transactions? Some business owners have […]