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Email Etiquette – Here is What you Need to Know !

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Lack of civility in emails is a very big problem. The author writing an email is least aware with how to respond to a complaint or request. Though you can delete an email without upsetting your mood, yet there are some other steps too that you can use for the response of the email, indeed […]

The Lesson that Must be Learned from Leicester City Football Club

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Are you a true sports fan or you just go with the bandwagon? No matter who you are, you cannot just miss out the news of Leicester City win the Premier League title. The football club has made its fans hold their head high by achieving the most unlikely success in the history of Leicester […]

Want Business Success? Here are a Few Golden Rules!

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Are your business sales going down? Are customers unhappy with your services? If yes, you need to work it out immediately, so that everything falls into place. Wondering how? Well, for this you need to study the article so that you can bring your business back on track. But before discussing it, let’s understand what […]

Funding Options for Small Businesses – Ask Your Accountant

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Funding is a major consideration when starting a business. A lot of people would think they will not succeed without proper and consistent backing. With VCs and angels, one would think securing funding will be a breeze. There is always an option provided, so the next step is to choose a win-win situation. With this, […]

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